Childrens Country Clothing

Puddle Jumpers waterproof clothing is all about keeping your child warm and dry.

Manufactured from Teflon coated polyester they are 100% waterproof with all seams taped, windproof and best of all breathable so your youngster can play all day and remain dry inside.

Garment Sizes

Garment Sizes

We all know the minefield of children's clothes sizing. What is defined as for age 2 may be far too large (or small) for your own 2 year old, and yet we need to give you some idea.

What we have found is that you are the best person to know what age group size is right for your child. You know whether your two year old normally wears 12 to 18 month clothes or 4 to 5 years so just adopt the same principle when ordering our garments.

Note that our waterproofs have already been sized to allow warm clothing to be worn underneath so you don't need to make extra allowance for that.

If you find you ordered the wrong size then simply return it for a no-quibble refund or exchange (see the Shipping and Returns at checkout.)

OR, if you're in doubt, why not order two sizes and return the one you don't need - or keep it for when your youngster grows out of the first one!